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A new dimension of cooperating with investors

Professional investor service proves to be the key to long-term success in the construction industry. Baid enables you to take it to another level. We provide the platform to exchange information between the entities involved, which bridges the gap and shortens the time needed to reach a decision. Let your customers feel the potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.

Improving communication

  • Informational chaos is a thing of the past.

    Efficient information flow during a project will allow you not only to save time, but also to focus on the most important parts of the investment. With Baid you can eliminate informational chaos altogether.

  • Improvements for your team

    If you feel that your team does not have the extended knowledge of the investment’s requirements, or you simply want to make sure that everyone is adequately informed – you are in the right place. Baid streamlines the collection of requirements and helps in assigning them to certain elements of the building, so that the team has a clear understanding of the design’s guidelines.

  • Less unnecessary e-mails

    We know how much time it takes to communicate with the people involved in a project. Using the communication platform provided by Baid you can focus on the most important issues and limit the use of your inbox. Test out how easy it is.

The investment’s legal analysis

  • 100% compliance of the project with the law

    We understand that the construction law is complex and often hard to interpret. That is why we provide you with a special module containing legal acts combined with all their relations – it can automatically analyze your project and check it against the current laws

  • Complex project analysis

    Based on a few characteristics of the building Baid will analyze the investment in a couple of minutes. You will not only get the requirements imposed by the construction law, but also you can check the impact of design changes on those law requirements.

  • Focus on the project

    With Baid you save time. Share the results of the analysis with your team to avoid errors and misunderstandings. Then you can focus on the key tasks for the project.

The information bank of the building

  • Data from the whole lifecycle of the building collected in one place

    Collecting the information about the investment and the design documentation will allow you to easily transfer it to the future manager of the building. We offer new quality that will increase the value of your project.

  • Safe storage of data

    Data concerning your investment is secure. You have an unlimited access – you just need to login on the platform.

  • Monitoring change history

    Thanks to the fact that Baid stores all the data about your investment you can easily check change history of the project. This allows you to trace the causes and consequences of certain design decisions.

Full integration with BIM technology

The data you need is stored in the digital record of the building’s features – BIM. You can freely import and update it anytime. The system will automatically assign information you add to the project to the related part of the building. The data is displayed in a way that is clear and accessible for all the people involved in the process. Elevate your communication to new levels with Baid.