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Readily available digital design

Take full control over the project. BIM technology, up to this point only accessible to professionals, now can be used by you thanks to Baid. Use its potential and transfer your construction to the digital world with our help. You have full access to the project during every step. See for yourself how easy it is!

We will help you evaluate the investment

  • With complete information about your construction you can precisely calculate its cost.

    Baid database collects data from each designed element, which allows for easy and accurate assessment of the investment’s cost.

  • Forecasting of developments and expenditures

    Time is money - with Braid you can plan the construction, constantly monitor work progress, and estimate possible expenditures.

  • Monitor the costs

    Now nothing will surprise you! You can easily plan your budget and verify it as the work progresses.

We will create a list of building materials

  • Your recipe for a house

    There is no place for uncertainty on a construction site – that is why with Baid you will have constant access to a database of information about each one of the building components of your future house.

  • Precise material list

    We create a complex list of materials required for each of the construction process steps – it makes shopping easier and faster. All the time you have full control over the use of materials on the construction site.

  • Surplus materials are not a problem anymore

    We will help you plan the optimal use of materials to avoid unnecessary returns. Let’s take care of your wallet and the environment together.

We will help you choose the right construction technology

  • Compare competitive solutions

    Ceramic hollow brick, silicate blocks, or maybe some alternative technology? Baid will let you compare available solutions and choose the best one for your project.

  • Check what would be the best for you

    After selecting the technology with one click, our system will calculate your budget and help you choose the best solution.

  • The best offers from suppliers

    Baid ‘s offer is not limited to helping with choosing the right technology and proper materials. The platform lets you send offer enquiries to a wide range of suppliers, then we will create a list of the best offers.

Reliable and professional bills of quantities

Bills of quantities are one of the key steps of the construction process. They let you easily estimate the range of required work, see tables presenting the surfaces and their dimensions, and obtain other characteristics of your investment. Baid facilitates that process and eliminates possible mistakes.

All for your investment

All in one place

Knowledge base
Do you seek experienced professionals' advice? You are in the right place! Use Baid's knowledge base to choose the most appropriate solutions for your investment. Share your experiences with other users. We create Baid together.
Control over construction progress
The platform allows you to monitor every step of the construction work. B Platforma umożliwia monitorowanie każdego etapu prac budowlanych. Keep up to date and prevent unexpected expenses.
The construction history
With Baid you have full access to your house construction history. You can review it at any time. It makes warranty servies, building maintenance and renovation easier and faster.
The building's digital folder
Baid will store all the building documentation and you can access it at any time. Do you want to sell the house? No problem! Te ditigal folder will serve as a service book that will grant more profit.